Complicating Circumstances

There comes a point when making a Big Decision when you realise one thing: you’re making it too complicated.

You become all twisted up in the pros and cons, and then you realise that actually, only one thing matters, and that makes the decision for you. And suddenly it wasn’t all that much of a Big Decision after all. It probably is, in the sense that it will drastically alter your life, but not in the grand scheme of things. It’s just what’s right for you.

Mark and I have been working on a Big Decision recently, and I realised that this over-complication of matters applies equally to my writing, especially what I think of as my “Miscellaneous” blog-post (that’s this random one at the end of the week when I write it. If you were wondering).

You see, when I started all this malarky, I wanted it to be profound and literary. To showcase how beautifully I write, and how original and intelligent my thoughts. I wanted it to be perfect, the sort of writer’s essay which gets collected up into a book and published as Something Important to Say. To make you think.

Every single week.

Which is really over-ambitious. And ridiculously arrogant. And over-complicated for what my blog is, which is to provide me with a space to write regularly – even if not on the novel I should be writing – and to ramble my thoughts.

The result of my deliberations about complications is simple: I’m going to stop trying so hard – save perfection for that novel and any other fiction – and here shall lie the trail of destruction which follows as I wander down that path to finished stories.

I shall endeavour not to repeat my rants too often – nothing worse than someone complaining about the same thing over and over again and never seeming to do anything about it.

Life is complicated, so simplify it as best you can.

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