Choosing a Cushion

Well gosh, that was quick! The cross-stitch design I started last week – apparently it was a much faster design than I was expecting – and the last stitch was placed yesterday.

My plan was to back it with some lovely green-blue taffeta I bought ages ago for a dress I never made, and edge it with a bright blue ribbon (anyone wondering, Clinton’s do a wonderful range of satin ribbons for less than a quid). A quick rummage for the relevant items, though, has given me a few more options I’d completely forgotten about.

Cushion Fabrics

It’s nice to work on a decent-sized design that can be completed so quickly – big enough for it to be a proper project, but not so big that you lose interest or motivation before you’re done.

And now I just need to choose which of these fabrics and ribbons get to be the backing and border respectively. Then it can become a cushion cover and I’m one Christmas-present down, don’t want to count how many left…
How are your Christmas-making plans going?

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