The October Question

Now that the nights are drawing in and the weather’s turning damp, and you’re wondering if it’s time yet to put the heating on or whether another jumper will keep cold from creeping into your bones, it’s that time of year when writers the world over have a decision to make.

NaNoWriMo, or not NaNoWriMo?

Are you ready for the annual challenge to write a fifty-thousand-word brand shiny new first draft? From scratch. Or are you still busy with last year’s, editing or rewriting, and can’t afford to invest a month in another story? Or are you just going to have a writing holiday, away from novels? Perhaps you’ll decide instead to do the blogging equivalent, NaBloPoMo, with a post-a-day-commitment.

Last year, still busy with the previous year’s NaNo draft, I opted for the blogging version.

This year, I’m still busy with that novel. Well, I say busy, but really, I’ve stalled a bit in my writing of the second draft (I don’t count all the previous edits as separate drafts. This second one is a complete re-write). I have about a third of it, and for (Real World) reasons I shan’t bore you with, I have become a bit stuck.

And I’m the sort of person who likes to finish one big project almost completely before I start another. Which means that I don’t really want to think about another novel until I’ve at least got this one to a stage where I’m happy that all I have left to do is a final edit. So I don’t really want to tackle NaNoWriMo this year.

But equally I don’t want to do the blog-a-day either. I’m happy with my current level of two to three posts a week. It’s taken me a while to reach it, and I’d rather not disrupt it.

So my final decision is this: I’m going to attempt to write short stories, total word count fifty thousand, about my world, both pre- and post the period my novel takes place in. My hope is that in doing so, I shall find a way back to Raganbald, and when we reach December, I shall be able to fly through the rest of that second draft.

What are your plans for NaNoWriMo?

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