New Patterns, New Fabrics

One of the nice things about starting a new project is the gathering of supplies.

I do like gathering supplies. A chance to go shopping with good reason, even if, perhaps, items not immediately necessary also make their way into my basket. Although, now that I have such a large collection of threads, my main supply requirement is for the fabric. I do like shopping for fabrics. My large stash of as yet unused fabrics is testament to that!

Peacock Cross-Stitch

This new project, a pattern from CrossStitcher, required blue fabric, ideally a linen, but I’m using aida, for simplicity’s sake, since it’ll be turned into a cushion cover for my mother for Christmas (so I probably won’t be doing regular updates) and I have other projects needed in the next few months. A minor problem when there’s half a dozen birthdays in the run up to and just after Christmas, to say nothing of any cards. I know I started stitching for Christmas some months ago, but I have that sinking suspicion I haven’t done nearly enough. (Isn’t that always the way?!)

But it does mean I’ll probably need more trips for suitable fabrics. Unless I find a large amount of white and various fabric-dyes. I still have quite a lot of that handy rustic stuff from IKEA.

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