The Last Stitch

The ending of a long project is a bittersweet moment. There’s the joy at ending, the relief that you’ve seen it through and have reached the final stitch.

But there’s also that feeling of what to do next, now that this large project which has dominated your thoughts and spare moments is at its end. Which of your no doubt extensive list gets picked next?

I’m not quite at the end of my Advent calendar project, but I’m on the home-straight. All the cross-stitch is done, each picture is numbered, and stitched onto flannel patches, ready and waiting to be sewn onto the white fleece I’ve chosen for the backing.

Advent Calendar

But now that this has been reduced to an afternoon of sitting in front of my sewing-machine, I’m planning my next projects, although I think I’m going to leave such large projects to one side until I come to make baby-afghans. (I know, none of the patterns were large, but the project itself has been long-winded.) For now, I shall settle with cushion covers, embroidered bags, pictures, and anything else (relatively) small I can think to cross-stitch, starting with Christmas presents.

And sorting out my Stitchery, so it’s actually usable.

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