The Countdown to Christmas


It’s nice when you can see the end of a long project in sight. With these two stitched, I have only one left to do for the Advent calendar begun nearly a year ago. And then I’ll be working out how to stitch them all together into the calendar and which order they go in.

These little kits, and the last one, are from Hobbycraft, and took a bare couple of hours each. My sort of kit. Something which can be done in an evening.


I’m quite impressed by all the spare threads I’ve collected from the many kits I’ve done. I’ve had to get a small box just for them! I need to find a pattern to use them up with. The stitcher’s version of all those zentangle colouring-in pictures.

Also, having found Miss Fisher Season 3 on YouTube (thanks, Katie), now I really do need something new to watch, and to hope that they make a Season 4.

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