The Sound of Bells

It’s always nice to have a wedding invite drop through the letter-box.

It’s even nicer with a project in mind, just waiting for such an occasion.


This pretty picture, awaiting only a couple of initials and a date, has been on my Little List since the Summer issue of CrossStitcher, a few months back. I’m also quite pleased with how the linen I picked up in IKEA has worked out, although I’m still not sure what count it is. For future reference though, the Aina (£8-9 per metre) is good for 28-count projects.

It’s been nice to work on this piece, which sits neatly in a 10″ hoop (although it isn’t currently centred properly), and took only a weekend to stitch. There’s a bare half-dozen colours, which is good too. Sorry about the rubbish photograph.

3 thoughts on “The Sound of Bells

    • Do! Sadly only available in-store (at least in the UK it is), but then you can get kanelbullar at the same time, which isn’t a bad thing. The linen comes in white, rustic and grey, and I think is approximately a 28-count, but I might be wrong on that…

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