Crafty Shoppers

It’s a well-known fact that a crafter cannot simply walk into, for example, Hobbycraft without buying something. It’s just impossible.

I was well aware that when I walked into and joined a charity near me called the Dorset Scrap Store that I would be walking out with more fabrics. I was prepared, and was limiting myself to the fiver I had in my purse.


Cost me a grand total of £3.50, and I’ll probably use them to make cushion covers. Or, maybe, some evening clutch bags.

But when I walked into IKEA a day or so ago, I was not intending to walk out with fabrics. I knew, of course, that they sell fabrics, but upholstery isn’t the sort of fabric which makes me go weak at the knees. I have myself a little look, but I can resist. I had my usual, cursory glance at the fabrics, and was about to walk away again when I suddenly realised that what I was looking at would be good for cross-stitch.

So I added them to my stash too.


And now I really ought to make some rule about not being able to buy more stuff if I don’t first use what I already have, but how many crafters actually manage to stick to that?!

5 thoughts on “Crafty Shoppers

  1. hahaha I so often go in to the haberdashery “just to buy a zip” or “just to buy a button” … it never ends with a button or a zip haha! I hope you enjoy playing with your new fabric!

    • I’ve been doing that recently with going in search of specific thread colours for my cross-stitch…I think there must be some subliminal messaging or neuro linguistics in the music as you walk into such places… And thanks – no doubt my projects will end up here! 🙂

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