Winding Threads and Planting Seeds

Having grown up in deepest, darkest Devon (not really, but miles from “civilisation”), I like the idea of green things and plants. I’m not, though, particularly green-fingered, so I like garden centres, but generally they bore me. It’s fortunate, therefore, that one of our local ones happens to be attached to our local Hobbycraft.


Mark, who likes gardening, can look for things to grow on our balcony, and I can look at threads at my own leisure, and neither of us becomes bored. So I’ve been adding to my collection of threads, with some specific projects in mind (for Christmas and wedding presents) which need colours I don’t already have. Typical, that. I know I can substitute, but for some reason I always feel guilty if I do, so I try not to. And it means I get to venture into haberdasheries, which I do enjoy doing, even if I must exercise restraint. And Mark is planning a little rockery in a large pot, with heathers, as the beginning of our “garden”. It will be joined by more large pots for herbs, and maybe some flowers.

I’ve also, finally, got the last three mini-kits needed for that Advent calendar, so that should be finished in the next month or so.

But now that my threads are all sorted, and I must wait for my linens and aidas to turn up, I’m returning to a much smaller project from the Summer CrossStitcher, of coasters for my new home. Biscuit coasters.


without him becoming bored

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