Stitching Away a Crisis


With the faff of moving fitting in around working full time being compounded by emergency baby-sitting while a parent had appendicitis and associated surgery, not much has been managed in my world of cross stitch. I’m still sorting out my new Stitchery, with my bags of fabrics and boxes of threads all higgledy-piggledy.

The above piece, though, managed to be stitched in a few hours snatched one evening, with the plan of going to my brother and sister-in-law for their cotton anniversary, but I have yet to send it. I’m organised like that. The pattern comes from a World of Cross Stitch giveaway pattern collection, and fits neatly into a 4″ hoop. Or would make a nice card.

The below piece, I stitched a few weeks ago for Mark, for our first anniversary, and I do intend to turn it into a coaster, but it’s currently being used as a bookmark. By me. I designed it myself, but I think the lettering perhaps requires some work. I’m still not sure about the half-crosses.


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