Unfinished Projects

It is the curse of Cross-Stitchers – and, probably, crafters of all varieties – that they should possess a “Current Projects” box, which is probably full of a half-dozen incomplete projects. At a minimum and at any one time. Occasionally the number will change, but most likely upwards, although sometimes one might be removed and completed.


It is, you see, our fortune – both good and ill – that there should be so very many beautiful designs out there, such that we could do with more than 24 hours in a day, or no sleep, that we might complete them all. The stitcher’s version of having several books on the go at once.

I try to restrict myself to the single, monthly magazine I buy, but even then I have a list, and a queue. My list stretches back over the last eight months’ worth of magazines, and every so often I’m impelled to hunt down a back issue based on someone-else’s project being displayed in the pages of the current one. Which only adds to my list. And then, of course, I sometimes try my hand at my own designs, which doesn’t help.


I still have a Current Projects box though, although I do try to finish the actual cross-stitching before I put things in or move onto the next project.

It’s the finishing I have problems with. I have coasters without backs, cushions without covers, clocks without faces, and pictures without frames. All stuck in my little box. And I still haven’t finished that Advent calendar!


2 thoughts on “Unfinished Projects

  1. I don’t have a box, just an ever extending list of ideas I want to try. I am currently brainstorming new ways to bring crafty time into my life…. marry rich & quit my job?

    • Good luck with that! Shame it isn’t easier to make a living crafting…I know what you mean: I have a list of classes I want to take on Craftsy, with lots of new skills to learn, but lack the time.

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