New Home Fabrics


In the furnishing of our new home, Mark and I have decided we need bean bags. Large bean bags.

As such, we required a trip to a fabric shop. My preferred one is the factory shop for Heathcoats, in my home town. No other purveyor of fabrics comes close to the feeling I get when I go to Heathcoats. I have bought fabrics from there for years, and purloined scraps from my mother’s stash from there for even longer, ever since the first, frankly terrible, fake Dalmation-fur satchel I made as an eight-year-old. No, I don’t still have it.

Sadly, Mark did not allow me to linger as long as I might wish, although I did get to have a quick rummage in the off-cuts section, in which I found a lilac faux suede and some dark blue poly-satin which will go beautifully together when I decide what to make with them. My tendency is rather to buy the fabric and then decide what to make.

We also found the above patterned fleece for the making of a large, cosy bean bag. More on this later, when I start to make it…

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