Cherish Every Moment


Having decided to start actually using the patterns in the magazines I buy, I began with this clock-face from World of Cross Stitch. I don’t know how far off the suggested 30-hour stitching-time I was, but it’s taken me about two weeks’ of evenings stitching, although I suppose it isn’t really finished since I haven’t yet done the back-stitching. But it’s basically done.

It’s easy to say “Cherish every moment”, but it’s an entirely different matter to do it. It’s the sort of thing which takes practice and a lot of pretending in the beginning, but I imagine that eventually, with enough practice and pretence, it might become second-nature. But it might take a while.

I haven’t got there yet.

On the other hand, I enjoyed stitching this, which tells me that I might have been too quick to dismiss the pretty patterns with long lists of threads, and it has rekindled my desire to find some way of making stitching a part of my everyday business, and not just something I do in the evenings. Now to bestir myself into becoming a doer as well as a planner…

2 thoughts on “Cherish Every Moment

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one put off by long lists! That said, this one wasn’t half as complicated as I thought it would be, so maybe the rest won’t be…

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