Dull, Grey Days

There would be photographs, but – technology!

It’s days like today, when it’s grey and miserable outside and my characters are causing me grief, that I feel a little like a sheep I cross-stitched yesterday, standing in a field with grey skies. Poor sheep! I know I stitched a smile on it, but it still looked quite disgruntled. And I’m sure I don’t blame it.

Today’s the sort of day for stitching bright flowers and sunny scenes, to remind one that the clouds won’t stay forever.

I came to the conclusion that it was silly of me to buy cross-stitch magazines and not to stitch the patterns, so I’ve begun with a clock from The World of Cross Stitch, issue 228.

Mark and I don’t have clocks – well, we have one, but it’s always wrong (it’s currently about half an hour out) and it takes too much concentrating to read it without my glasses, which I don’t wear very often – but I like this pattern, and I think we could do with proper clocks, so we’re not relying on phones or computers (we’re not watch-people either. I really ought to get one).

That and this pattern carries the reminder to “Cherish Every Moment”, a sentiment that occasionally requires saying again.

When technology works again, photos shall be posted.

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