Stitching a Frown Away


I’m not a huge people-person: in fact, I generally quite dislike People. I especially don’t like People if they ring up when I’m in the middle of something and ask stupid questions. Like if the shop’s open.

In the normal way of things, this might not be a stupid question, but the opening times are directly below the telephone numbers. If only People would just read! It’s honestly not difficult. That, and I answered the phone. If we’re not open, I let them leave a message.

As a result of such frustrations at work, I’ve taken to carrying my little cross-stitch kits in my handbag, so I can sit down quietly for half an hour and stitch my irritations away. Sometimes it works. Other times, I get more of the stupid phone calls and nothing, not even chocolate, can work.

Despite the annoyances, I’ve enjoyed stitching this little bear. He reminds me of a photo I used to have, of my own polar-bear teddy sat on a snowy lawn, with snow still falling. He was less white, being my oldest teddy, and, by then, a bit grubby.

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