The Winter Fox


In the last six years since leaving home in deepest, darkest Devon and moving to various towns/cities, it’s the curious thing of Modern Life that I have seen and heard more foxes than I ever did while living in the countryside.

I wasn’t intending to do Christmassy patches for a little while longer, but I was pottering around Hobbycraft the other day, and there were some on offer. So I bought three, for the Advent calendar. They aren’t Mouseloft kits, but they’re the same sort of size, and I haven’t yet found a festive fox kit from Mouseloft. Of the other two, one’s a sheep and the other’s a polar bear, also not ones I’ve found from Mouseloft. And since I was still waiting on some supplies for my next large-ish project, I thought I’d get them to fill in some time.

And then the rest of my supplies turned up after completing only one. So the other two can wait.

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