The End of the Dinosaur

I shall begin, as all good stories should, at the beginning, when there is nothing; when the heavens are empty and the Gods alone, that their Creation might rise up, like a phoenix from the ashes, and be Glorious in its existence.


As the Gods look on the Nothingness before them, they begin to see an order in the chaos. A pattern to the mess. And they begin to build.

They build as the Fates will them, to fulfill the destinies laid down by those who control even the Gods. The Gods do not know they are being controlled, so light is the hand on the reins, and they continue, happy in their creating.

And so it is that the World is created and the Gods can look out on their Creation, a view which pleases them.


All it requires is washing, ironing and being turned into a book-bag.

4 thoughts on “The End of the Dinosaur

    • Thanks! I can’t take full credit for the design: I mixed and matched from a couple of magazines to put it together.

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