Losing the Plot

It’s funny how some days you think you have something all ready and prepared to write, but there’s something – not quite right about it. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a Plot to lose, never having been the sanest of people. It’s more fun being a little crazy anyway. Except for when the thought returns of running my own little stitchery business. It’s funny, given the recent taste of management and my current work in admin for a small business. Can’t say either role is what I want to do with my life. That, and being a sales-person is not my calling. I’m just not interested in persuading people to buy things. Buy it, or not, I don’t mind.


So you see, being a retailer is probably not the sort of career I’d do much good in, even my own retail-business. That, and I’m not too keen on People. I don’t like them. Nothing but trouble, are People. Particularly customers. And yet, the thought of designing and selling stitchey-patterns is quite appealing, although the dealing with HMRC and VAT-MOSS less so. So we’ll see what the future and the Fates have in store…

Why must flights of fancy have such horrible practicalities?

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