Plotting the Dream

I’ve talked a lot about dreams, and making dreams a reality, recently. I’m still working it out, mostly because I have minor issues with consistency. I normally have a high boredom threshold, but when it comes to doing things, I can run out of steam quite quickly. Like the marathon-runner starting at a sprint. Full of enthusiasm, I plot and plan and make notes and write pages of research.

And then, just like that, I have no desire to actually make the ideas reality. Perhaps it’s because I’ve thought it all out and written it all down. As if just by doing so, I have done it.

Pooh's Thinking Cushion; yup, it's the cushion again! Required for lots of thinking...

Pooh’s Thinking Cushion; yup, it’s the cushion again! Required for lots of thinking…

So I haven’t really got anywhere with all those plans for a crafty shop. I have, in fact, rather gone off the whole idea. I don’t want to be making the same things, even if in different fabrics each time, over and over again. I thought about designing and selling patterns, but the thought of all that VAT-nonsense for such a small endeavour is just too tiring for words. Really, I just want to be making things for me: clothes which fit and suit me, bags just because a woman can’t have too many (or is that shoes? No matter!), teddies and dressing-up things for small children I know.

And, besides, after only a week of being in charge, of even only a small business, I can’t wait for the boss-man to return. And I’ve decided that I never want to run my own shop or retail business full-time. It is by far too stressful. And I am more than ever confirmed in my belief that the customers are what’s wrong with working in Retail. I don’t mind the admin (actually, that I quite like; I know, I’m weird), but I do dislike dealing with customers. Sorry, customers. I’m just not a people-person.

Instead, I shall focus on my own world, where they know and love me. There is something wonderfully focusing about trading in one rubbish, just-for-the-moment, it’ll-do job for pretty much another. If I want my dreams of being a writer and novelist to come true, then I’ve got to get my arse in gear and get on with it. My time is limited, so I must be more efficient with it.

And get Mark to do far more of the housework.

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