Meerly Helping Santa


With my time now at a premium – especially for the next two weeks while I’m effectively in charge of the shop – I’m working out the best way to manage my time so I can continue to write blog-posts and actually get somewhere with my current draft. I feel this draft shows more promise than the versions which have gone before it, although it is still quite early days with it. I don’t want to jinx it, but my world is beginning to feel that bit more real.

However, if I’m to manage all that, work full-time, and continue the stitching side of my Stitchery, I’m going to have to think more like Fr. Christmas, who must needs visit every family in the world in a single night to deliver the Christmas presents.

I’m going to have to learn the valuable Art of Delegation, especially in the home.

Or I’ll have to learn to do without sleep, and that’s not a pretty sight, if I’m completely honest.

But any thought or plan I once may have mentioned about the regularity of my blog-posts? Forget it. I shall continue to blog, but I shall have no schedule. It will be when Time allows.

I’m not very good at delegating. Not in the home. I like to make sure things are done properly, well, and in good time. Especially the washing-up.

By way of an update on the Advent calendar: I’m down to my last two Mouseloft Christmas kits, and then I shall have to count them up and see how many I have and whether I need to find any more, or if I can finally start to assemble it! 🙂

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