The Simple Things

Sometimes, the simple things are best.


Leaving my beloved kittens behind, I have returned to life in the Real World. It is a life in which I shall have little time to myself, to dedicate to my dreams, since I’m about to take up full-time employment. I’m working out how best to proceed with all of that, and organising my time efficiently. I’m hoping that the need to be efficient in my professional life will rub off into my personal life and I’ll suddenly become hyper-organised all round.

Really, I need to work out how not to be tired when I come home from work.

Thus it is that I’ve had little time or energy to do any actual baking. I’ve gone with a recipe which I know like the back of my hand, and which takes barely ten minutes, rolling the truffles not included.

Simply melt together 200g chocolate, 50g unsalted butter and 50ml double cream. When it’s melted and smooth, pour into a bowl and leave in the fridge to set. Roll into balls on a cocoa-powder-covered surface and return to the fridge to set some more. Eat, enjoy.

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