Crazy Cat-Lady

Are you a dog-person, or a cat-person?


Me, I’m firmly a cat-person. Not to say I don’t like dogs, but given the choice I wouldn’t have one as a pet. Too needy and demanding of time and attention.

Cats, though, are famous for their aloofness – not that you’d know that with the two I’m currently looking after! Much indulged since kitten-hood, they like affection and attention. And laps to sleep on. And yet still better than a dog, since they’re still both quite capable of looking after themselves, catching rabbits for midnight snacks.

This Christmas-cat I’ve stitched for the Advent calendar reminds me a little of one of the cats we had before these two. He was aptly, if not very originally, named Ginger, and he passed away almost two years ago, at the grand old age of about 19, which isn’t bad for a cat. We’d had him since he was yay-big *indicates quite tiny*, when his mother, having weaned him and decided she couldn’t cope with her litter, abandoned him in our garden (reports from those who remember – not me! – vary as to where in the garden), where he was discovered by my siblings, mewling pathetically.

And as an update on the Advent calendar: I’m reaching the end of my stash of Mouseloft kits and will need to count up my squares soon, to see if I have enough. I have a feeling I might be a couple short, but at any rate I’m considerably closer to the end of this project!

2 thoughts on “Crazy Cat-Lady

    • We’re the opposite – I’m a cat person, and he’s a dog and cat person. Yorkies always make me think of Enid Blyton’s Five Find-Outers, although a quick google tells me that one was a Scottish terrier…

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