Are We Nearly There Yet?


Now that we’re into May, I’m reminded that the year is almost half gone, and I still have so much stitching to do for Christmas, with the Advent calendar and a cushion for my mother being already planned, and both will take some time, since I have other plans for non-Christmas stitching. And the whole rest of life which has a tendency to get in the way.

And I know, thinking about Christmas now feels a bit like wishing the rest of the year away, but working in Retail does rather focus the mind on that one festival, that being when most of the profit is made, especially in a card-shop. I have no doubt but that we’ll soon start taking delivery of Christmas cards. Which is sad, really. But such is the way of life in Retail. It’s a bit tricky to enjoy the journey of the rest of the year when we’re always skipping ahead.

And I’ve always been a one for enjoying the journey. Sure, I have long-term plans, and I enjoy dreaming about them, but they’re way off, in the hazy mists of the future. I prefer to live in the here and now, occasionally looking through the spy-glass to a few months ahead.

2 thoughts on “Are We Nearly There Yet?

  1. Good for you for getting started. I’m scared about my Christmas to do list, and I’ve still got a couple months of summer birthdays to work through!

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