Stitching the Hummingbird


I was never a particularly arty person at school, not being particularly good with the whole perceptions thing, or interested in what they wanted us to draw. Nor, it must be said, did I think much of the art classes, beyond being a lazy sort of an hour. Not that this stopped me from sketching, badly, into my various sketch-pads.

However, since taking up cross-stitch, it has occurred to me that I’d like to have a go at designing my own patterns, mainly because this would be cheaper than constantly buying new ones and because then I can more easily use up the random collection of colours I have. I substitute where I can with others’ patterns, but this isn’t always possible.

My first inspiration for a pattern was, as I’ve previously said, this hummingbird card we sell at work.

DSCN0376And I so need a much better camera!

Anyway, this isn’t an exact rendition of the card – I’ve added to the flowers, for one thing – but this was inspired by the image, probably mostly because it has a sparkly background and I’m a bit of a shiny-thing magpie.

As you can see (if you squint), I sketched it onto graph-paper (and I always knew it had a better purpose than graphs!), to make it easier for the next stage.

Which is plotting it properly.


Not that you can really see it, but it’s a squarer sort of a picture. I also thought, between the sketch and the plan, that I’d start a bit smaller, and only do half of the border. Just to see how it turned out.

And I’ve spent most of this week stitching, and it’s almost finished.


I need to cross some stitches and then outline it all, the bird in silver and the flowers in gold, but I’m quite pleased with it so far. Although, I keep thinking that there should be a flower or something in the top right-hand corner. Or maybe it’ll be all right. What do you think?

I’ve used a 16ct aida, and it looks like being a 6″x4″ picture, which is a reasonable size for a cross-stitch, and which should fit in any normal photo-frame. With any luck!

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