Post-Easter Plans

Oh, plans! Life requires plans, which is a shame. I like to take things as they come and drift serenely through life. But I can’t do that. If I want anything to come of my plans and ideas, I must Work Hard, which was never really my forte.

So. For my plans to come to fruition, I have made Decisions.


In order to have the time and energy for my many ideas, and for them all to do their best, rather than be simply average and to fall like a drip into the sea, weeks like last week, when I managed to post something almost every day, will be rare. In general, I plan to dedicate but three days a week to my blog – the writing of posts and the stitching or baking of topics – and the other four to my fictional endeavours. Part of this Taking Hobbies Seriously thing.

My current plan is for it to be a Stitchery, Kitchen, Stitchery schedule (I’m still eating Simnel cake, so no recipe this week!). Maybe occasionally there will be the odd, random, piece about said fiction or writing in general or books I’ve read, in an out-of-schedule post on another day. But probably best not to hold your breath. Anyway, my initial schedule will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and we’ll see how that goes.

As it is, my Stitchery is mostly concerned cross-stitch, although when I find myself more space I shall branch out into bigger sewing projects. But at the moment I’m happy with my stitching and with plotting and testing new cross-stitch patterns. And my Kitchen is me baking my way through Delia’s Cakes. When that’s done, I shall find another, but that won’t be for a year or two yet.

So, here’s to happy, crafty, adventures and breaking free from boredom!

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