Good Friday: Eggs and Buns


I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen this week, with all the Easter goodies to make, starting with family-sized Easter eggs.

I still remember when the extra treats that came with an Easter egg were found inside the egg; it’s more fun that way, I think. So before I glue the two halves together, I fill it with mini eggs and any other sweets or treats I like.


And because it’s Good Friday, I’ve made hot cross buns. I don’t approve of all this eating of hot cross buns all year ’round: they’re for Good Friday. And nothing tastes better than freshly baked hot cross buns with melting butter and home-made jam.

However, I did have to make a slight alteration to proper hot cross buns, because of Mark’s aversion to dried grapes, so ours have candied peel instead. Our Simnel cake will be like that too.

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