Baking a Theory

Because it’s nearly Easter, I’ve started thinking about making a Simnel cake, but before I do, I wanted to test a theory that’s been rolling around my head.

It concerns coconut oil and whether a normal can of coconut milk (ie, the solid bit) might provide a suitable alternative. It’s cheaper, you see, and far easier to get a hold of.


So I had a play with my usual fairy-cake recipe – nice and easy and straightforward. Fairy-cakes lend themselves very nicely to experimentation.

Coconut oil/milk is wonderful to work with – really easy to properly mix it in with the sugar, and doesn’t require about 20 minutes of softening time, so cake-baking can be spur-of-the-moment. I didn’t do anything else fancy with these cakes (except for a sprinkling or two of mixed spices), and used apple-sauce as my egg-substitute. And when they came out of the oven, they were iced with glace icing.


Other than the icing being a bit runny, actually, I think these worked quite well (although they could probably have done with an extra minute or two in the oven, but never mind. No half-cooked eggs to worry about! So I’m going to be stocking up on cans of coconut milk.

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