Dragonflies and Decisions


This was a nice, easy, two-hour Mouseloft job. I like it when I can suddenly decide to start a project half way through the evening and for it still be finished by bed-time. I need to find more patterns like it.

Before Christmas, I discovered Craftsy (if you don’t know it, it’s a website for the online learning of crafts and where one can buy patterns direct from the designers), but beyond creating an account, I didn’t do anything much with it.

This week, though, I’ve been exploring it properly. I’ve been inspired by patterns for all sorts of things, from knitting to quilting, and sugar-flowers for cake decoration. I’ve pondered and debated classes to enroll on, to learn new crafts and to improve my existing talents. To become a Joan-of-all-Crafts.

I’ve looked into Saturday or evening classes before, for crafts, but I always want to do all of them, or find it tricky to decide which to take, so Craftsy’s learn-from-home and at your own pace classes might well be the answer I’ve been looking for (as well as being considerably more budget-friendly!). I just haven’t chosen which my first will be. I’m still fully exploring all the possibilities and weighing up how much space or new equipment I’d need.

Has anyone used Craftsy before and/or could recommend a class?

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