Bunny Makes Three


My stitching this week has included my third birthday card for April, and the beginning of the dinosaur book-bag.

The bunny was, er, fun to stitch, with its three or four very closely shaded strands of honestly different colours. Honest. Right next to each other on the rainbow of colours, but really, very different shades. I will admit to a thankful sigh of relief when it was done, although I think I have enough threads left over to make another one. If I felt like it. Might just save them up for separate jobs.

So far I’m quite pleased with my dinosaur. It’s the first time I’ve stitched on anything other than aida, and I’m not finding it too much of a strain. There’ve been a couple of moments when I’ve stitched in the wrong hole, but nothing that wasn’t easily solved. Hopefully it’ll continue to be as easy!

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