Week Three: What’s the Fuss?

I started this journey into plant-based eating (I still don’t call it vegan because of the honey) because I wanted to know what people were raving about. I wanted to know if I’d feel healthier (not that I felt unhealthy) or more energetic (I’m naturally lazy).

Three weeks later, I still don’t know what the fuss is about and I’m no longer avoiding meat. And I feel much better for putting it back. I might not be more energetic than I was previously, but it gives me more energy than simply plants, and really what I need to work on is becoming a do-er, not a dreamer, and to work with my lazy inclinations rather than against them.

Yes, plants are tasty and meat doesn’t have to be the main component of every meal. But I need it in my diet in order for me to feel healthy and to function properly. So I’m going to spend the rest of Lent working out the optimal balance of plants and meats.

I will continue to avoid dairy and eggs, because I think that I do feel better without them (or at least without the dairy, which I know has an adverse affect on me, without being intolerant or allergic to it), and I shall be monitoring that side of it.

But meat returns.

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