Designing Dino

I have no book-discussion for you this week, because I haven’t been reading books this week. I’ve been flicking through and studying various cross-stitch magazines instead.


I’ve started gathering them over the last few months, for ideas and projects, and, although I have yet to begin any, the reason I’ve been studying them properly this last week is that I’ve been plotting a design of my own, based on ones found in these.


Ignore my notes in the corner about thread-colours!

You see, I know a little boy who’s going to start school in September, and I think school book-bags are quite boring. So I thought I’d make him one with a fun dinosaur cross-stitched onto it. I’ve picked and mixed designs and added bits of my own – like the tree and robot reading a book – and hopefully this’ll be the right size and will work. I might add in a dragonfly or butterfly in the space by the dino’s head, but I haven’t completely decided yet. I’ll work that out when I see how the rest works out!

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