Week One: Plant-based Eating

I won’t lie. This week was harder. More than once as I walked home from work I dreamed of cheese-on-toast. I could taste the melting cheddar, the dripping butter, the fresh bread…I know, I don’t tend to eat much dairy normally, but cheese-on-toast! My mother always says that that’s what she brought me and my siblings up on and it is my go-to comfort food. Not ice cream or chocolate, but cheese-on-toast.

Honestly, an adequate substitute for cheese-on-toast...

Honestly, an adequate substitute for cheese-on-toast…

I resisted, though. I had those fairy-cakes (although not for very long). And I’ve started making banana berry smoothies for breakfast (with frozen berries to make for a nice cool drink). And avocado and bread makes for a very satisfactory snack.

I still don’t feel like I’m missing out (except for when we go to coffee shops and I realise that all they offer without eggs or dairy is a fruit salad if I’m lucky and dried fruit and nuts if I’m not. They so need to branch out into vegan baked goods!) or that I’m starving myself. I like food, I like eating, and I like that I can eat lots without feeling like I absolutely must go for a very long run to burn it all off (not that that happens very often. Lazy, remember?).

It gets easier, right?

2 thoughts on “Week One: Plant-based Eating

  1. It does get easier! Milk contains casein, lots of it! It is very addictive-in order to encourage the calf to keep going back for more. I was a cheese addict, but not any more! Now 5 months in the thought of dairy makes me feel queasy x

    • See, I’ve never really been a dairy-addict: we were never encouraged to drink milk like a lot of people – it was for on cereal (which I preferred dry anyway) or in tea or in recipes. But I do like cheese. Nice to know it gets easier, though! x

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