Dressing for Summer


 Now that we’re nearly in March and I’m hopeful of warmer, sunnier weather, I can start looking for summer-dresses.

I don’t particularly like the trousers or tights I need for Winter, or the need for socks, so I look forward to when I can go barefoot again.

My only problem is that I don’t very often like the dresses on offer in High Street stores, so my wardrobe is full of ancient things I’ve owned for years. This year, though, I’m going to start making my own clothes, from these patterns and from my own ideas of how I want my dress.

2 thoughts on “Dressing for Summer

  1. Get the sewing machine out, and give it a go! You will never regret it. Making dresses is so much easier than people think-I know a lot of people who think that they’re sewing skills aren’t up to it, but only if they gave it a go they’d find out that it’s really much easier than they at first thought. And it’s just the time to start making dresses for summer, if you aren’t the fastest sewer in the world (I really should start in the autumn if I wanted them by summer, but what the hell). Are you watching the Great British Sewing Bee? X

  2. I’ve made dresses and things before. My problem tends to be an inattention to detail…I’m a bit too slap-dash for my items to look professional. I need to work on that. But one day I intend to have a proper sewing room, with my machine out permanently and lots of shelving for my fabrics.
    I haven’t been watching the Sewing Bee. Perhaps I ought. I’ve had a browse of their books in Smiths occasionally, though.

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