The Six Sisters series – M C Beaton

I was suggested this series by a friend who shares my love of all things Heyer. This series is Beaton’s attempt at a Regency romance, being better known for the Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth murder mysteries. Black humour, which I enjoy. I was unaware of the Regency romances, until my kind friend mentioned them, and sent me copies.

The Six Sisters series follow the six daughters of Reverend Armitage of Hopeworth as they make their respective debuts into Society and thus marry into wealth and position.


For the most part, the girls and their heroes are perfectly well-behaved, which I like; I’m not keen on all the Regency romances where the heroes can’t control themselves or the women have no concern for their reputations. And I like the Reverend and the woman who brings out the girls, a Lady Godolphin who has unfortunate tendencies to Malapropism.

However, and while these books are quite entertaining for an hour or two, I’m unlikely to be re-reading these, which is really, the true test of a good book. There isn’t really an awful lot to these books. I can cope with thin story-lines, but my main problem is that these just don’t feel like a Regency romance. It’s quite obvious that the writer is from Our Time, because of little explanations of how society works and whose in charge and explaining bits of slang, which really aren’t necessary.

To sum up: fun, but trying too hard.

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