Sunshine and Daffodils


And further to my comment last time I wrote about the hedge-pig about my lost green threads, I rootled around the bottom of my sewing basket for matching greens. I had lost two shades, you see: one “dark green” and one “green”.

The dark green proved no problem. I matched it in one go.

The green, though! Goodness! Would you believe that amongst my half-dozen or so different green shades, I have not one which matches the “green” of this kit?! Eventually I had to make do with an almost-match from a section of variegated floss.

Let that be a lesson to me not to lose my threads in future!

3 thoughts on “Sunshine and Daffodils

    • It is, yes. And isn’t it just?! It was a free kit with a magazine (I basically just bought the magazine for the kit…).

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