Chocolate Cherry Fairy Cakes

I feel almost obliged to say something sweet about love and Valentine’s day, but honestly? Urgh! Mush.

Sentimental is not really a word which describes me. I’m the sort of person who, when walking past a field of merrily gamboling lambs will mutter, Mint sauce”. Not that I tend to have mint sauce with my lamb, or indeed eat lamb very often. More of a beef-eater, really, and I was a lucky child growing up: if interested, I could know the name of the cow I was eating. My siblings and I took some delight in knowing what dinner was called.

So, yes, not sentimental.

Fortunately Mark feels the same way about Valentine’s and the enforced mush.



Inspired by Lauren over at The Lady-in-Waiting (there’s a link on the side, under Other Exciting Stuff; I’d hyperlink it, but that’s about all I know about those sorts of links: the name. Still learning…) I thought I’d take advantage of the last few days before Lent to make Chocolate Cherry Fairy Cakes.

The delight that is a fairy cake is often overlooked, I feel, in favour of the bigger, brasher cupcake or breakfast muffin.

A nice, light morsel with a cup of tea, something that won’t knock you back by many calories (if watching them is your thing), and yet a perfect mid-afternoon treat.

Anyway. I used Lauren’s recipe, but added in a sprinkling of chocolate flakes. I used some Hotel Chocolat drinking chocolate, but I see no reason why a broken flake wouldn’t have the same effect. And I ran out of cherries, so I’ve topped them with freeze-dried raspberries

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