Knitting for Warmth

There’s nothing like a cold spell to make one reach for all the blankets and get the knitting-needles and lots of wool out to make some more. Because you can never have too many blankets. You never know when the heating might break…

Anyway, so I’ve been knitting a shawl for the last few weeks, in my might-have-enough off-white yarn. Turns out, I didn’t have enough, but I managed to nearly match it with a yarn from Wilkinson’s (the original yarn I bought over a decade ago from one of those Buy & Save places in a whole other town, so getting more of the same would have been something of a miracle). But the difference in colour isn’t very noticeable, fortunately.


And then I thought, just to spice it up a bit and try and make it look a little less old-ladyish, I’d edge it with this quite fancy yarn (also from Wilkinson’s), which I’d picked up previously because I like it (and then couldn’t make head nor tail of the instructions to make a scarf with it). It also makes it a little less bridal or baby-christening. I’m not sure I really thought the off-white colour through, but no matter. It has a red border, and if a baby ever arrives, well then, it has a blanket.

But anyway. I’m quite pleased with the shawl. I know I made mistakes in the knitting – dropped stitches and the like – but overall, I’m quite proud of my efforts.

For those who are interested, the “pattern” was as follows: Cast on approx. 150 stitches to 10mm needles. Knit the first four rows. Purl one.

Row 6: Knit two together, knit to the last two stitches, then knit them together.

Row 7: Purl.

Repeat Row 6 & 7 to end.

It’s difficult to say how much yarn I used, because I’ve no idea how much I started with. I still have maybe half of the second left, although I am using that to attach the edging. So you’ll need 1-2 balls of 40g acrylic/acrylic-wool yarns. You know, those big ol’ balls everyone think of when you say “wool” and that are quite cheap in places like Wilkinson’s.

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