Don’t Blink – James Patterson & Howard Roughan

I’ve got a good half-dozen or so Patterson novels, almost by sheer accident. A neighbour across the road was having a clear-out and had left a couple of boxes by her gate, with a notice saying they were free to a good home – and then she’d gone back to her clear-out. Being something of a bookworm, I took the opportunity to extend my library, and found this handful of books by an author I’d been meaning to read because of watching Castle (if you haven’t, Castle and Patterson are poker-buddies). So I grabbed the lot and scuttled back to my home with the loot.


Don’t Blink is the first one which I’ve read. It’s about a reporter going to interview a celebrity recluse in a top New York restaurant. The interview was barely getting started when, dundundunnn, someone nearby is brutally murdered. And then the reporter discovers a clue in the background of his recording of the interview. Can he solve the crime before he’s killed himself?

Uh-oh, gosh, how thrilling.

It’s one of those books you can get through really quickly, simply, I think, because most of the chapters are only a couple of pages long, so you keep thinking Just one more chapter. Unfortunately, it’s one of those books I don’t think I’ll read again, and I certainly haven’t had a go at any of the other Patterson novels I picked up at the same time, about eighteen months ago.

There’s just something about it, something that makes it a little less thrilling, a little more action-movie, and totally forgettable.

There’s a quotation on the back from News of the World which does actually sum it up.

“It feels like you’re reading a Bruce Willis film”

Which is all right, I suppose, but surely you’d want to be watching one of those?

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