A Day in Bed


Apparently a cough and a sniffle is enough for one’s husband to insist on complete bed-rest, so I haven’t been baking in the last couple of days. So, sadly, I have no recipe to offer this week.

I’ve been using my enforced laziness to catch up on various TV series – Call the Midwife and now Whitechapel – and to get in a bit of knitting. Only, I only have the bits and bobs which he could find to bring to me, and he couldn’t find the pattern for an Owl I started a few days ago, so I’m attempting an off-pattern shawl, in a white yarn of dubious origin. I have no idea what sort of yarn it is; I’ve had it for simply years. I expect it’s some cheap polyester stuff, but it feels all right. I’m hoping it’ll turn into a simple, triangular sort of a shawl, no fancy stitches or anything. Maybe I’ll knit in a few lines of colour, but I’m making it up as I go along, so we’ll see how it turns out. I’m using some nice fat needles, although I’d probably do better with circular ones.

I’m mostly just hoping that it’ll be long enough…

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