New Year, New You

Or something along those lines.


I know – I promised a story to begin the year, but part of my New Year’s Resolution this year is that I will only publish what I consider to be good stories, rather than things I’ve cobbled together at the last minute because of my self-imposed deadline and which I’ve done nothing about all week. So, instead, I’m going to start by only posting a story on the last Sunday of each month. My hope is that by trying to concentrate on one piece of short creativity each month I might actually manage to produce items of a higher caliber. Things which people might actually read and like. I’ll still post every Sunday, but not always a story.

But anyway. Now that you’ve had a few days to try things on for size and settle into a Resolution which works for you, what are your plans for 2015? Shall I go first?

This year, my Resolution is to focus more on my writing and to actually work on making money from it, because I really don’t want to spend another year in retail. Mind you, the other thing I intend to do is find another job. It’ll probably still be boring, but hopefully it’ll be better-paid boredom. Unless of course, I hit the jackpot with my novel. My aim is for it to be ready to start sending out by about Easter-time…I’ll tell you all about it one day…

2 thoughts on “New Year, New You

  1. That’s a fine New Year’s Resolution. I have made too many, again. My list sort of goes “Sew a new wardrobe. Be better at skating. Actually learn a language instead of looking/dabbling in it…. oh, and BLOG EVERY DAY”. Seriously, I do need to blog more. You are doing swimmingly with the blogging btw x

    • That’s quite a good list. Mine starts with the writing and ends with learning to fence, skipping through mastering knitting and crochet and perfecting clothes-making (I’m a bit slap-dash about it…).
      Thanks! I’m working out the scheduling business, so I don’t have to think of something every day, and can just dedicate a day/several evenings a week to it.

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