Christmas Truffles

I’ve been having a mini-argument with Mark about the Taste of Christmas. For me, I think the flavour which comes closest to tasting of Christmas is probably treacle, with or without a liberal sprinkling of ginger and cinnamon. I love treacle. Mark doesn’t. Which I only found out when I made treacle-flapjack (no syrup, but treacle from the Christmas cake…).

But I thought, despite his dislike (or perhaps because of, so I get more), I’d try my hand at Treacle Truffles.


As with all my truffle recipes, this one’s a nice, quick, simple one.

You’ll need a: Sploosh of double cream, gently heated with a Splodge of treacle (warm the spoon in hot water first and it slides off more easily) until almost boiling, stirred with generous sprinklings of ground ginger and cinnamon, and then poured over handfuls of dark chocolate drops. Stir until all molten and smooth and then pop into a fridge until firm and you can roll it into balls.

Best eaten at room temperature, so they’re slightly squidgy and not too solid.

Try not to eat them all at once. If you can.

Oh, and because of Christmas and its busyness, I’ve sadly been unable to play with creative words quite as much as I’d like this week, and next week looks quite full too, I thought I’d give myself a week’s holiday, so I’ll be back in 2015, starting up again on the 4th Jan., with a new story.

Happy New Year! May all your hopes and dreams for the next year come true 🙂

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