The Thickening Plot

It’s a funny old business, writing a piece of fiction, especially a novel. They tend to need somewhat more input from other people. More advice, more eyes to spot inconsistencies.

You write and edit a draft, then send it out to carefully chosen people to read and comment upon, and sit on your hands while waiting for those comments. But the story doesn’t leave you. You still think about your characters and any changes you might make; plot-points which might be edited out of all recognition. You make notes, and then remind yourself that you’re still awaiting the notes of those you trust enough who are still reading the original version.

Or is it just me? My manuscript has gone off to a group of unfortunates (it is, really, still a first draft, however well edited it might be) for constructive criticism – I’m really glad I’ve finally reached this point! It was, if I’m honest, beginning to to get a bit boring with the writing of it – and yet, I’m still obsessing. It’s not a perfect manuscript, and I have plenty of ideas about how best to polish it. To chop it and change it and make it shine.

But I don’t want any comments to be out-of-date, so I’m forcing myself to do nothing until I get them. Well, not really forcing. It’s quite easy to fill my time with other things at this time of year.

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