Thursday’s Sewing Circle

Goodness! What a difference a week, late nights and a strained wrist/thumb makes!

My picture is complete, and all I have left now is the border, and then I can do all the outlining in black to pick out the details (although the more I look at it, the less convinced I am that all of the outlining is strictly necessary. We’ll see). I’m actually quite confident of finishing in time. However, apparently how I hold my sewing is straining my left hand…


I’m already feeling quite pleased with this piece. There’s something so wonderfully enduring about Winnie the Pooh, even long past childhood. Although I find it disappointing that some people (naming no names, but that’s because this person was a customer at work and I therefore don’t know her name) think of him as a Disney invention. She was talking about poor Eeyore, calling him the “Disney donkey”. I mean, honestly!

I do quite like the Pooh film, whichever one it was that had the heffalumps and woozles (I’m presuming that Disney made more than one). Mostly because I like the heffalump song. But even so. Not a Disney creation. Barely even A.A. Milne’s…

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