Pens Versus Speaking


I sometimes think it is because they are so bad at expressing themselves verbally that writers take to pen and paper in the first place.

Gore Vidal

There might be something in this. I don’t know about you, but I find it much easier to construct a coherent and sensible thought if I’m sat at my desk with either my laptop or pen and paper than if I have neither. Then the thought just goes round and round my brain and reaches no conclusion.

On the other hand, I can “write” what I think to be perfect passages in my head while walking along and then be unable to commit them to paper because they have already evaporated – even if there are mere moments between thought and attempt to capture. They are but flutterbyes on a flower: here, and then gone; seen only for a moment.

Oh, and I hate public speaking, but here I am quite happily publishing to the world…

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