Thursday’s Sewing Circle

Since Advent came upon us without me finishing my calendar, I’ve set that aside. I’ve admitted defeat for this year, and will return after Christmas to complete it for next year.

Instead, I’ve taken up my Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet cushion-cover. It’s destined to be a Christmas present; hopefully this one I’ll finish on time! I’m already planning next year’s presents, which I’ll spend the whole year making.


All I have left is a bit of grass, some bluebells, the tree, armfuls of flowers and leaves, and the border. Oh, and to put the backing on and the zip and the edging. Not much left at all!

And this week, my watching has consisted of more House (I do like House!) and Mark playing Far Cry IV. Which has the most annoying radio presenter ever. So irritating! I can’t listen to him without wanting to throw something at him. Or strangle him.

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