A Good Customer Experience

There’s lots out there about how to build a business from a blog.

Quite a lot of it is much like the Customer Service advice about how to get people to sign up to stupid Rewards systems or to spend more money. Those cut-price bars of chocolate at the till-point. A discount for signing up. An e-mail address collector thing popping up two seconds after you click on the page. Receive a newsletter every (insert time-frame here!), so you don’t even have to come back to the site…

This all annoys me. I don’t like things popping up on my screen, getting in the way of my reading whatever, and I don’t like being asked (or indeed asking) if I want a loyalty card/Dairy Milk.

What NaBloPoMo has taught me is this: if you blog every single day, more people find your blog and tag along. And that’s how you build a community. It might be slower, but you’re less likely to annoy readers along the way. If your content annoys them, well, they weren’t going to sign up to your newsletter anyway.

For me, a good customer experience involves not being annoyed. Being able to get or read whatever with a minimum of fuss. It means making sure the customer is happy. Unless of course the customer is rude or moronic, in which case, anything goes. Well, not quite, but you know. Or maybe you don’t, in which case, lucky you!

But anyway. The one piece of advice which I agree with about building a blog-based business is this: blog regularly. That’s all.

Although I don’t plan a blog-based career, I do intend to continue blogging regularly. I’m still finalising the details of my diary, since I don’t intend to continue blogging every day – one needs one’s rest, after all – but I’m working on establishing a routine for specific sorts of topics. Some of them I’ve begun directly as a result of my November challenge.

I’ve learnt a lot from NaBloPoMo. Mostly, that, if I set my mind to it, I can blog every day. Even when I’m tired and can’t be bothered. And also that, I prefer shorter posts, so I might start to impose a word-limit (but this won’t always apply to Sunday Storytime).

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