Thursday’s Sewing Circle

At least, it would be a Sewing Circle if it weren’t just me and my Netflix. So really, this is going to be about my current sewing project and whatever I’m currently watching as I stitch (and/or have previously seen if the TV series is long enough and I haven’t moved on to anything new).

Anyway, my current project is my Advent Calendar, which is highly unlikely to be finished in time for this year. I’ve managed to sew half of the cross-stitch patterns, and haven’t yet begun to assemble the pockets. And I still need to get hold of another six Christmassy/Wintry patterns.


But it’ll keep me busy and out of trouble in the New Year as I finish it for next Christmas.

My watching for this week has involved a lot of House, M.D. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, and besides: Hugh Laurie. To be honest, I don’t think much more needs to be said. It’s Laurie in a wonderfully made-for-Laurie sort of a role. It’s got the aristocratic arrogance of his early comic roles with the intelligence and cynicism of his later ones. Prince George crossed with whichever Baddun brother. Or perhaps simply a more fleshed-out version of Mr Palmer from Sense & Sensibility, in which I’m not sure if he managed an entire sentence. Anyway, House is good. My preferred sort of hospital drama. I wasn’t a Scrubs or an ER or a Casualty fan, but House. House I like.

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Sewing Circle

    • They are quite cute designs. Difficult to choose, but my favourite so far is probably the penguin stealing Santa’s hat.

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