Sunday Storytime

The Creation

The Five were bored. They had nothing to do, and so they argued. They were the first living beings since the Fates’ own creation, but the Fates did not deign to share their home with others. The Five were alone on their world, with nothing to occupy them.

It was lush with grass, with shrubs, with trees. A green and pleasant land; peaceful and calm. And yet they could do nothing but argue.

They struggled to entertain themselves alone, and could not decide on a task to do together. And so they argued. Any discussion devolved into disagreement almost before anything was said. They were bored and so they became irritable.

It was into this fray, with five bickering beings, that the Weavers came, demanding both silence and explanation.

Their peace was disturbed, the peace they so desired for the weaving of the Tapestry of Life, and they wanted to know why.

The explanation did not satisfy them. They looked on this new land, which their kin had provided for the Five, with envy. It was ideal for the weaving, except for its current inhabitants.

They offered, instead, a task to the Five. The Creation of those whose lives were woven on the Tapestry.

This Creation would, the Weavers assured the Five, provide them with ample entertainment. With gossip and scandal.

The Five, simple beings, agreed. The Weavers showed them how and they set about creating their new toys. These playthings who would live lives as set down by the Tapestry.

“But remember, you cannot interfere,” the Weavers warned, although the Five were too busy to listen. They had their dust and clay.

The Weavers, smiling as the silence returned once more to the firmament, took their leave, vanishing as silently as they had appeared. The Five did not see them go.

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