Ducks and Dating

Because. Ducks.


Yep, I’m being deep and meaningful. Look, I’m tired, OK?

And ducks are far more interesting than discussing why a Pick-Up Artist should or should not be denied entry to the UK on the basis of some questionable statements about effective methods to get laid.

The real question is how come men pay to hear him say these things? And also how come his methods actually appear to work? Because, let’s face it, if they didn’t work for him, he wouldn’t be making money telling other men to do whatever it is that he’s doing. Which suggests that there’s an number of women out there who do fall for his “routine”.

I don’t agree with what he says, or condone his actions, but as with all such dubious characters, let him say his piece, reveal himself to be a thoroughly nasty specimen, and then get on with our lives without any further ado. Knowing about him has not enriched my life; I doubt it’s enriched yours. What this fuss has done is to make us aware of his name and given him his fifteen minutes. (Actually, I can’t remember his name and nor do I think him worthy of the minute it would take for me to Google him.) I expect he’s thrilled to be attracting so much attention, even if it is negative.

It has surely, though, warned those women who might fall for his methods to be on their guard. Let’s hope so.

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