Top Ten Something

Top ten lists turn up all over the place about all sorts of subjects. The one I’ve most recently read was about Vampire literature on The Guardian. It wasn’t really a Top Ten list, since the novels were listed chronologically, without the writer putting them in her preferred order, but, you know: it was a list of ten vampire novels beginning with one from 1819. There were two from this century (2002 and 2005) and none from the last. The other eight were 19th Century novels.

Yes, Stoker’s Dracula made the list. Kind of had to, really, although, frankly? It bored me. I prefer Celia Rees’ Blood Sinister.

That’s the thing with these sorts of lists. No-one’s going to agree whole-heartedly with it and there’s always going to be something which someone feels has been unfairly overlooked or dismissed. Reading the comments below any such list is far more illuminating than the list itself (which, if about a genre of book or film, is likely to stick to the better-known) because the people suggest other, less well-known books or films.

Ideas for one’s own To-Be-Read list, you see. I particularly like the sound of one called Human Resources about a vampire becoming a banker or hedge-fund manager or something and ‘bleeding the staff dry’. Or something along those lines.

Top Ten lists, although not definitive, are always a good place to go to learn of other novels and writers, who may, for one reason or another, have been overlooked.

I’d offer my own Top Ten Vampire Novels, but I don’t think I’ve read ten to list in any sort of order I don’t normally read that kind of book – too likely to give me nightmares.

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